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1. What size of moulds can you build?
Mould weighs up to 20tons and a product length can be up to 1.5M.
2. What types of tool and parts do your company make?
We make different types of tools and parts like home appliances, automobile and plumbing industry……
3. What kind of material do you use in moulding?
Plastic: ABS, PP, PC, PA , PE, HDPE, LDPE, HIPS, PET, AC, AS, PS, PVC, etc.
Metal: Aluminium alloy, Zinc, Copper and so on.
Rubber and Silicon are also used sometimes.
4. How many tools your company is able to make each month?
It really depends on the size and complexity. Generally, we can handle Max. 70 tools per month.
5.What is the typical lead time of mould?
From 2 weeks to 7 weeks, depends on the requirement and complexity of the mould.


If you would like to submit a Request For Quotation, please send your part file, mould specifications and/or processing information and desired response date to the attention of our Quotation Department via one ofthe following methods :
EMAIL (ZIP can be used to compress large data files)
2D File Format .dwg /.dxf /.pdf
3D File Format .igs /.prt /.step /.x_t
You can also send us CAD data to our secure FTP site (please call us to get FTP information)
Send samples, CD Disk or Hard copy drawings directly to us at the following address:

Address :Bldg.304,Jingdi,Gongchang Rd.,Sanxin Village,Huangjiang,Dongguan City, 523750,China
Tel:?+86 18675559918
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Address: Bldg.304,Jingdi,Gongchang Rd.,Sanxin Village,Huangjiang,Dongguan City,523750,China